COVID-19: Neighbours helping neighbours

Here is a collection of resources, mostly from the UK, about how community members can respond and help one another during COVID-19. We know there are many ideas are emerging in Toronto as well. If you have a resource you want to share, please email

Thanks to TANGO for compiling these ideas as inspiration for Toronto neighbourhoods.
  1. A supportive note, distributed by a Wallace Emerson resident to her neighbours 
  2. A simple neighbourhood postcard, from England
  3. Official COVID-19 information portals:
  4. Community Action Response (UK)
  5. Neighbourhood Watch: Ten ways to help your community (UK) 
  6. Creating a Neighbourhood Pod (Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville – MAMAS)
  7. Pod Mapping for Mutual Aid By Rebel Sidney Black
  8. And, getting REALLY creative, a woman named Catherine hosts a 10 minute gratitude choir at 10 am every day. It’s people all over the city speaking their gratitudes at the same time.You can dial-in on your phone, or videoconference. Meeting ID: 683 355 046 or 15873280199,,683355046#

What is YOUR neighbourhood doing? Share your ideas with